Space Design

We believe that a healthy home is an integral part of maintaining a healthy body and life, and we want to foster healthy living habits. Because we are so passionate about helping our clients live a healthy, balanced life, we help them create a personal space where they can detox, unwind and find peace after they've moved into their new home. Not purchasing a home through us? Not to worry, we can help you create your beautiful space as well. The services and pricing for each space is as follows.

Mood Board 1.png


Following an initial in-home visit, we will create a mood board for one room which will include a summary of furnishings (and links to each item) for $500. Each additional room adds $250.

Mood Board 2.png


We will create a floor plan for an additional $250 per mood board.

Room Rendering.png


A rendering of the room to help you visualize what your beautiful space will look like when completed is included with each floor plan at no additional charge.



We provide complimentary telephone calls throughout the process to answer questions and to help you feel comfortable and content with your installation. We also offer full service design, from acquisition of all furniture items and accessories to installation, for an additional fee.