We will create a healing environment and provide the methods and processes necessary for a healthy body, mind and spirit.

inHABIT Holistic Living is a live-in, total immersion holistic wellness sanctuary for those with cancer seeking to develop healthy habits and learn natural methods and skills that will help support the healing process. It is a retreat - a place for guests to get away for three weeks to a month to contemplate their situation (avoid making any decisions from fear), regain their strength and power, detox and cleanse naturally, learn and develop healthy habits, and prepare their bodies for any conventional treatments recommended by their healthcare professionals.

The goal is to provide support, instruction, and implementation of natural methods for a healthy body, mind and spirit. This will not only help support the healing process, but will also assist in making conventional treatments easier and less stressful on the body. Upon program completion, we will work with our clients to create a healing environment in their own home that will foster continued self care and implementation of the methods and habits they’ve learned.

On-site services will include nutritional instruction, meditation, yoga, qigong/tai chi, water and sound therapies, and other wellness modalities that support healing. Referrals will be made to practitioners for acupuncture, reflexology, reiki, and other more specialized therapies. In addition to an organic garden and salt water pool, we will have an outdoor amphitheater where we will offer workshops, guest speakers, singing bowl and drumming ceremonies, and other community events.

Please call Virginia at 801.652.6266 for more information.