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Virginia has a passion for connecting  people, places and things. Experience in legal and management provide the platform for function, but solid backgrounds in architecture, drafting and design lend fresh perspective for clients. As a lover of all things mid-century modern, her position on the Salt Lake Modern Committee helps satisfy a personal desire to connect like-minded individuals with a passion for modernism. As an agent and designer, she connects clients with a place they’ll love and helps them design a space to foster a healthy mind, body and soul.

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With an extensive background in real estate, event planning, music management, Kris developed the ability to perceive and predict client needs and wishes. She excels at creating an immediate connection and quickly establishing an atmosphere of trust and stability. Kris also specializes in marketing, social media and making things happen. She's the cheerful voice on the other end when clients call, text or email with questions, concerns … or when they simply need to talk. Rest assured, Kris will be there every step of the way.


Client Reviews

Virginia Ulibarri helped my family buy our first home a few months ago. Here’s why she gets five stars:

1. She’s extremely proactive, and that’s priceless in a real estate agent. Every time she contacted us, she had something new to show or tell. She answered most of our questions before we had a chance to ask them. Even in the small details, we were constantly impressed by how she had them covered.

2. She has the technical expertise necessary to ensure the process runs smoothly. We didn’t have to worry that she might overlook necessary forms or deadlines. She had it all under control throughout the entire process. No exaggerating; I don’t think one thing went wrong.

3. She’s nice. Even that day she had to drive long distance in a snow storm, she was still nice. When our kids screamed in the houses she showed us, she was still nice. When we demanded things, she was still very nice. And when we changed our parameters, she adapted and was nice about it.

When it was all done, we were kind of amazed at how little work we did. I think all we did was suggest homes to view and sign forms. She took care of the rest. And she found us the non-cookie cutter home we wanted and now love.
— Nathan B
When it came time to start looking for a home we chose Virginia Ulibarri based off of a glowing recommendation. It took us a good 8 months to close on our home but the journey getting to that point led us to multiple showings and several dead ends but through all of this Virginia remained patient and on top of things. Ultimately we landed in a unique situation that challenged everybody but in the end we were able to close on our new home just weeks before the birth of our son.
— Wesley Thomas